Why Should I Furnish My Investment Property?

Many landlords do not like the idea of furnishing their house mainly because it is a big extra cost that you can easily avoid by just renting the property empty.

There are ups and downs regarding this aspect but how can we mostly befit from them?

The main thing you need to ask yourself is who you are planning to let the property to. Will it be a family with kids? In which case the smartest idea is to leave as little furniture as possible, mainly because being a family they should have all the furniture with them already.

In case of a young professional couple, most of the time you could assume that they are only just starting out, maybe they just graduated or moved cities for a new job and if they rented before their previous accommodation is very much likely to be a city apartment or a house share.

Doing your homework in this business is a number one task in order to rent your property quickly.

Some may think…Well yes but what if the furniture I am providing will get damaged and the sum of the deposit will not cover it? The answer to this is very simple. If you buy expensive luxurious furniture you need to do a very good reference check on your tenants and make them aware of your worries. This again comes back to the point mentioned above where you need to make a decision on who you want to let your property to before deciding whether or not to furnish it.

Another important advice is to compare the furniture stores and why not try a local auction centre? They come with a lot of bargains not only for dated, character furniture but you can easily find a lot of beautiful modern pieces which would just be perfect for the rental properties.

From the experience I can confirm that if you rent a furnished property to professionals remember to make it as modern and luxurious as possible and believe me you can do it cheap if you shop around. In case of a character property still try for a modern feel but perhaps a little bit of character could convince someone.

A lot of potential tenants looking around the property can sometimes find it hard to visualise themselves living in it. The reason for this is because if they don’t have much experience with moving a house seeing unfurnished property might not convince them straight away. If you decide not to furnish the property at least try to put in some homely touches for the viewing purposes.

Exactly the same situation applies to renting a house which has a lot of old features and doesn’t seem very fresh. If it was my property I would definitely spend a little bit of money and refresh it by changing carpets and painting the walls but if you feel like you might not be able to afford that then there is another way of dealing with that and I will explain it by one of my own experiences.

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