Ways to Utilise Natural Light on your Office Space

Natural light is one of the underrated light sources in office interiors. Indeed, it can only be savoured during the daytime, but natural light offers various perks that both employees and the entire company may enjoy. 

For starters, natural light influences the body’s circadian rhythm. While ordinary light plays a role in fluctuating a person’s waking and sleeping patterns, natural light meanwhile regulates them. This effect alone already has a significant impact on office workers, since they have to be alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic while on the job.

You may want to include utilising natural light in your upcoming office renovation. If you are looking for ways to do so, then here are some tips that may come in handy:


  1. Add transom windows.

Transom windows are small windows situated above doors and the main windows. They allow light to shine into the office interiors even if the main windows are shut. These windows are ideal for supplemental lighting, especially when you want privacy but still need natural illumination in your office.

Transom windows also improve ventilation. You may want to have them open to let the air circulate inside the office to avoid humidity and puffiness from building up.

  1. Open up your office space.

One of the best ways to use natural light in an office environment is by creating an open work environment. Rather than opaque walls, go for glass panels when doing office renovation. This way, sunlight enters the office freely. A spacious work area likewise gives employees more mobility, and this helps boost their motivation and overall productivity.

Your ultimate goal to enjoy the benefits of natural light is by making sure that it travels into your area unencumbered. By not blocking its way, you can work in a properly illuminated workplace.

  1. Opt for minimalist interiors.

Since you do not have complete control of natural light compared to the light source you have installed, you may want to adjust your interiors instead. Opting for minimalist office space allows for more light to come in, as bulky furniture may get in the way of sunlight to pass through.

You may also want to keep centre areas open to let more light to enter. Use stylish storage furniture to serve as wall features and not occupy more space.

  1. Use bright colour schemes.

Bright and light colour schemes reflect the light that hits their surfaces. This is why rooms with white walls look brighter when touched by sunlight. 

Bright colour schemes, such as pastels and earth tones, help boost the effects of natural light in many ways. They not only support better illumination by making the light bounce off their surfaces, but they also exude a refreshing ambiance. Employees who feel fresh in their environment become more motivated to do their tasks, making them more productive during office hours.

These colour schemes also adjust as the natural light transitions from cool to warm. As a result, people under these conditions likewise adjust in terms of eye movement and circadian rhythm. As the light gets warmer, they feel calmer and more relaxed.

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