Top Five Perks of Log Home Living

1. Unique Design

A log home stands out from amongst traditional architecture. There is a rugged beauty about a log home that just catches the eye and interest of those who drive by. We live in a small northern Canadian village and every summer it is easy to spot the tourists. They are the ones who drive by our house very slowly, or the ones that we notice have driven by two or three times in the last five minutes. The huge continuous logs with no visible splicing, along with the massive roof lines of our home just have a way of drawing ones attention. It is a completely unique home design that stands out in our community.

2. The Great Room Dynamic

The trademark of a well designed log home is the Great Room. It is the hub of activity, Grand Central Station so to speak. Dominating the majority of the homes square footage, and domed with a massive and open 22 foot high cathedral ceiling, the Great Room beckons all to congregate and enjoy one another’s company. With well planned seating and lounging areas, it is not uncomfortable, at all, to have twenty or twenty five people in the Great Room for a party or to watch a movie. With the ability to easily house so many people the Great Room becomes a natural area to unwind and relax and just enjoy oneself, even amongst a house-full of guests.

3. Winter Coziness

There is nothing quite like the warmth and coziness of the rustic interior decor of a log home heated by the crackling fires of a wood-burning stove. It is nostalgic and enchanting… it just feels right. Curled up on the couch next to the stove with your favorite novel and steaming cappuccino in hand, while the northern winds howl and the snow falls outside… does it get any cozier? Replace the novel with the love of your life and yes, it just got cozier!

4. Interaction

The layout of a log home should be planned and designed for optimal interaction. The placement of the kitchen just off the Great Room is key. This allows for ease of communicating from one room to another. In fact you don’t even recognize the boundaries of “rooms” per se. They just flow together as one, while offering all the individual practicalities that are expected. My wife can be baking or cooking, or doing whatever, in the kitchen yet can interact visibly and audibly with myself, or whoever, in the great room without having to raise her voice to be heard, or feeling “alienated” from a conversation that may be taking place. The interaction aspect is a great plus that comes with log home living.

5. Christmas Decorating

A log home and Christmas decorating are just naturally made for each other. Last year my wife had 48 beautifully decorated Christmas trees strategically placed throughout the house! It was absolutely stunning. Winter wonderland indeed! Relaxing in that atmosphere, feeling the warm glow and embrace of the wood-stove, while the angelic voice of Celine Dion singing “O Holy Night” streams through the house speakers in the background… now that is log home Christmas living at its best! The only downside was that we couldn’t have the TV, stereo and great room lights on while the Christmas tree lights were on because it would trip the breaker. But that was easily managed… and trust me, the sight of those 48 lit-up trees with all the trimmings, framed by the hulking log walls of the Great Room, was well worth the minuscule inconvenience.

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